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Fire Emblem Heroes: Quick Review

Fire Emblem may not be the most well known saga of Nintendo, but it is undeniable that is currently living his moment of sweeter popularity. And not only in Japan, where has always had the blessing of the public, but also in the world. So much so that this iconic series of Intelligent Systems has been the chosen to be the second representative of the company of Kyoto in make the leap into mobile devices following the success of Super Mario Run.

Few sagas are us occur, they can better fit into such devices, since its playability is perfectly adaptable to the touch interface of a smartphone and it has already been more than demonstrated that they are games that work great as mobile experiences.

Unlike the title of the plumber, with Fire Emblem Heroes we are not before a premium product, but with a free download game that follows the gacha style that has both imposed and recently popularized in many mobile applications, i.e., one where we can get lots of different characters at random “betting” coins (orbs in this case).

This business model goes beyond the simple way to monetize the title, since it is something that just affecting the design of the game, which is very clear at all times. Eye, it’s an application that can be fully enjoyed without having to pay a penny and we will never feel forced or pressured to leave the euro, but it affects enough as for the title is understood and is played very differently from any of the major deliverables.

The story of Heroes is completely anecdotal and is devoid of interest, telling us a war between two kingdoms that just affecting the various worlds of the many games of Fire Emblem we have played, so we will be visiting those universes battling the most mythical and emblematic of the series characters. Yes, the fan service more than insured, but does not pass there and never get to do the script we want the least, while it tries to raise some mysteries that have not yet been resolved (there are currently only nine chapters, by what plot it has just begun).

The objective of the game is none other than the overcome the various missions that we are proposing to complete the story in their different difficulties, something for so we need to get good units, training them and strengthen them to confront them with guarantees.

This just drifting in that we will have to spend a long training sessions to level up (or getting articles intended for this purpose), but also we will need some luck to make us play good characters and we can assemble a good group that is objective and balanced, is something that can be very frustrating if the goddess of Fortune is not with us. That Yes, the experience we have had more competent heroes come out with some regularity and we felt very feasible to do with several that remove us the chestnuts from the fire.

As we say, to get these characters we have to use orbs you get beating missions in history. With five we can summon a hero, but if we use 20 at the same time, we will receive five, so one of them will get free. That Yes, the rhythm that you get can be somewhat slow, especially when we have made a little progress and we can only play a few levels until power runs out we (Yes, there is an energy system that recovers in time to limit what we can play, since each screen will require that we consume a certain amount).

Already entering which gameplay, is to say that we we have a degree of RPG and strategy shift that adapts the bases of the saga to mobile devices, which has led to a simplification of mechanical that us has not finished to convince, since the strategic factor and our number of possibilities is has significantly reduced.

In essence will do virtually the same, i.e., move to our units for a map divided into boxes to attack our opponents, who will fight back (just as we can we do when we are the attacked), if we have to rank but now the scenarios have a scale much smaller than usual.

In fact, they are so small and the characters have so few squares of movement in turn hindering much power make good strategies and adapt to what happens during a battle, so great finally part of our victories or defeats will depend on that we have an effective group against the enemies of the map (something that we can verify before each mission) and that our units have the sufficient level to cope rather than have been good strategists.

This simplification also extends to own the fighting mechanics, since now each single character may have a weapon to attack, a support, an active skill that requires a certain number of turns to be able to use and passive three, so there is no inventory management of any or multiple skills that give them versatility.

Good thing of this is that heroes are very sharp and have a very clear and visible role, and hardly we will find two identical, since each one has its unique features that help to distinguish them, so it is good to study well the enemy before we go against him to not bring us unexpected surprises, as a weapon with a property capable of putting us on the ropes if we don’t know it counter.

As always, before antes de atacar attack we can see the results of the confrontation, so that we have always clear how much life would lose and how much the rival, something that is easier to control that never to have been removed from the equation the critics and the percentages of success, as well as the elusive (although units able to avoid certain types of hits with their skills and techniques of support).

Another thing to keep in mind is that only we can form groups of four characters to deal with teams of a number similar (sometimes are slightly less, others more), so there is much room for manoeuvre in this respect, which added to the small size of the maps just getting every game feel more like an arena of combat instead of the great battle of a bloody war.

Something that has very positively surprised us is that to treat an application that just launched it comes loaded with plenty of content to keep us entertained in the event that we connect with your proposal. Only with the history we will have for a while, since we will have to overcome its nine chapters in three different difficulties, being the highest very challenging and where fine will have to spin with the resources that we will have.

Will also have a competitive arena where you fight against other teams players (controlled by the AI), daily events, where recruiting drives of lower rarity and a tower of training where to put us “grindear” to level up our allies, probably the site where more time pass. This way is that the screens change each time, so it is at least somewhat entertaining.

Graphically, Wissler is a very attractive game that features characters and very detailed scenarios and a good size that focuses on style “chibi”, i.e. designs more or less cabezones, although it is something that fits very well with your proposal (that Yes, the illustrations are stylised). The effects and animations are not bad and the performance of the program has seemed exemplary.

Perhaps our biggest drawback is the illustrations, which have seemed somewhat irregular, with some really good and others with which even has cost us recognize certain mythical characters, as missing some cohesion of style. That Yes, are usually quite well.

Where can we do not complain is your paragraph sound, bringing together in a single game songs and melodies from all the saga, including some really good remixes of their most iconic compositions. Play with headphones because it’s worth. Effects are typical of the series, all very recognisable and quality, and dubbing only comes in English, with some performances that properly fulfill their function (although only listen some short sentences that say the characters when we are going to give them orders).

I thought this was a short review but it seems there is so much to talk about the game. Fire Emblem Heroes is a game full of fan service for any fan of this saga, but in his attempt to adapt the formula of the series to a free business model and what is usually sought in a game for mobile, it has lost part of that essence that so great has done to this veteran license.  This is definitely a good game to add to your phone.

If you wanted a Fire Emblem minimally similar to main deliveries for your mobile phones (at least at the level of feelings), probably you bring you a disappointment with this spinoff, although if you simply wanted one gacha more that not overeating you head by completing levels and training characters, here you will find a proposal that might be very entertaining and with as much potential go to receive updates and more content.