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Are all the newly released games of 2019 interesting?

Sony continues to bet on its virtual reality system for PS4, PlayStation VR. It shows this with great games like Astro Bot, or like this Blood & Truth, which is an almost direct sequel to the short experience titled London Heist included in PlayStation VR Worlds. But this did not deceive you, the new creation of the London Studio of Sony comes to be put back in the mouth of all the RV PS4, to alternative and more technologically advanced, and independent as the Oculus Quest, and the like.

Have spent about two and a half years since then, more than enough time to create a complete experience that goes beyond the time duration of the London Heist, but to keep the excitement of the action scenes and that feeling of being inside of a film by Guy Ritchie that that experience had. The good news is that London Studio has been successful in its attempt, and what we find here is one of the best experiences you can find within PlayStation VR, if you like action games with a marked cinematic cut. But let’s go in pieces.

The starting point of the plot that this Blood & Truth proposes to us sounds good

We’re Ryan Marks, an ex-soldier whose family has a criminal business. We return home to bury our dead father, but it seems that the other rival families are not satisfied with a simple succession, and the gang war breaks out all over the city. Sounds interesting, right? But the truth is that the story is diluted by getting us into the skin of more characters through flashbacks, making the story no longer matter as much as the scenes that are being proposed to us, which are the highlight of this title.


It’s all kinds of shootings where we’re in a semi-static position, and we have to worry about hiding behind the covers and shooting, as our character progresses through the level, and we end up with all the enemies that come out to meet us. Something limited, yes, but enough to entertain us thanks to the precise handling of the weapons-especially the closest combat weapons – when we use PlayStation Move (this being the most suitable method to play Blood & Truth Even if it can be played with normal control). Not that it replicates 1: 1 our movements, but the feeling of immersion is very accomplished and, in addition, allows moments when we can slow down the camera to get a good handful of shots to the head.

Apart from the frantic moments of shooting, in which we are the center of the action and we can move between different positions, there are different guided scenes in which we perform other tasks and interact with different characters that, although they do not pose any challenge, they do serve to give context and depth to the proposal of Blood & Truth beyond the walk to the House of the Dead/Time Crisis/etc. This is where we will enjoy greater interactivity of the stage, and we can even find collectibles that are a reference to London Heist cigars. In this case a series vapeadores. Not that it is the quintessence of the narrative, but they contribute to giving unity to the set proposed by London Studios.

The rest is put in the good graphic finish of the set, with well finished scenarios like in pubg mobile

Well worked characters and with good facial animation and a constant and efficient performance that continues to add touches to improve our immersion in Blood & Truth, and that the 6-7 hours that lasts do not get long. In fact, it is a pity that after the end of the story there is not much left to do, beyond re-wiping certain moments by taking other routes in Pubg mobile cheats, looking for the missing collectibles and improving our scores. That is, the classic thing for this kind of game, although the truth is that the road to the end of the playerunknown battlegrounds story is entertaining, varied and, above all, spectacular. The soundtrack and even the dubbing of the characters also contribute to this.

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The feeling we will have is to be the pubg protagonist of an action film, with constant shootings, persecutions and all sorts of tense moments. You have to like the idea of wielding a gun to get into the game that Blood & Truth proposes, but the truth is, if it’s your kind of game like pubg mobile, and you have two PS Move, You’ll be hopelessly hooked on your proposal. Even having past, only thinking to get another charger from our chest to reload a gun, while tiroteamos to waves of enemies, it puts us the creeps. This is precisely the kind of experience virtual reality needs.


A frantic action game that continues the pattern marked by London Heist, offering exciting action scenes, an unparalleled immersion in PlayStation VR and a story to match the circumstances, without technically belittling along the way. It may be somewhat limited at times, and it has its little seams, but the truth is that after playing it we feel that this is the kind of games that virtual reality in general needs to become a much more important form of entertainment than it already is.

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