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The events of the third season of Attack on Titan await you at A. O. T. 2: Final Battle, the extended and improved version of the game released last year.

A. O. T. 2: Final Battle is, like the original game

A. O. T. 2: Final Battle is, like the original gameAn action title that develops in the third person with small role and strategy dyes that is based on the anime Attack on Titan. It is the extended version of A. O. T. 2 and includes more characters, weapons, a game mode and, above all, the argument of the third season, as well as reviewing the plot of the first and second from the point of view of a character that we create or choosing one of the existing ones. There are not too many changes to the previous game, so much so that it can be purchased as a complete product or as downloadable content for A. O. T. 2, but we will tell you all the new features included. To find out the other playable details, we recommend to take a look at our previous analysis.

Apart from the seasons already known for previous games, this release includes the story of the two parts of the third. Then we’ll talk about it, so if you don’t bring the series up to date we advise you to skip the next paragraph because it contains several possible spoilers.

His story again focuses on the struggle between the Scout Regiment and the Titans, all while trying to learn more details about these mysterious and colossal enemies. What they didn’t expect to discover was that the Titans are not their only enemies. The Anti-Personnel Control Squadron, led by the famous Kenny Ackerman, is prepared to capture Eren and Historia Reiss regardless of the price to pay. The Scout Regiment is about to save its teammates, but they quickly learn that they cannot trust anyone within the walls they call home.

This argument is perhaps the most interesting of the whole game, being able to play it from three different points of view: the Scout Regiment, the cadets of troop 104 and the Warriors, where you can manage Reiner, Bertholdt and Zeke. On this occasion we cannot control the character we have created for the rest of the plot, but this makes us feel like part of it, being all its texts in perfect Spanish. Also comment that it has some very showy scenes and others too static that affect the overall result.

The mechanics have not changed much, having to use the three-dimensional

The mechanics have not changed much, having to use the three-dimensionalManeuvering Equipment to move nimbly throwing the hooks towards the buildings, trees, structures or Titans and thus surprise the enemies, an attack that we must always direct towards the back of the Titans to finish them after weakening them or visiting bases to recharge the gas or weapons available.

This is where we find one of the news, the weaponry. To the well-known blades, there are new ones such as Shooting Gear, pistols that allow us to easily locate and avoid the Titans in exchange for more gas, or the powerful Thunder Spear, with which to shoot down small Titans in one blow or break the defenses of the most powerful checkĀ balance-game its the best thing is that we now have the three-dimensional antipersonnel maneuver equipment for strategical shapes changing between blades and pistols when we think it necessary. In general, these additions have pleased us and work really well both for fighting the Titans and for other types of enemies, feeling the game as agile and fun as always.

We have a total of more than 40 playable characters for this occasion, where you will find some acquaintances from past deliveries, such as Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Reiner, Bertholdt or Conny among others, joining this time Kenny Ackerman, Traute Caven, Zeke Jaeger, Floch and Nifa. There are not too many additions, but they do bring new styles of play that suit the adventure very well.

The duration of this addition is around three hours, although it can be extended much more slowly when you are engaged in secondary tasks. It’s not bad, especially if we add up the large amount of content already included in the series, which will be appreciated especially by those who did not enjoy the original game.