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One Piece fans are becoming more and more numerous, despite the time the series has created by Eiichirō Oda. We love their stories, characters, ambiance… Virtually all of this manga / anime that has also received almost countless playable versions on multiple platforms. This is what we are here to talk about, precisely, the last attempt to make Luffy D. Monkey and company come alive, and let us accompany them on a new adventure. It is One Piece: World Seeker, a production by Bandai Namco developed by Ganbarion, who already know the series well, because it is his, without going further One Piece: Unlimited World RED. With all this in mind… what is certain is that World Seeker has ended up being a disappointment.

And this despite the fact that at first the stars seem to align themselves to offer us the best of the adventures based on this license. On one side is the story, created by the very responsible of One Piece. On the other hand there is the proposal of an open world that he proposes to us, that comes like a ring to the finger of the series. Finally we have the mime that seems to be glimpsed in the audiovisual Section at first, with characters faithful to their origins, the dubbing of the original Japanese actors (with texts in Spanish) and a certain touch of novelty.

This made us Take One Piece: World Seeker with great desire, and the truth is that in the first contact the sensations were good.

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We calmly learned about the history of the game

we learned about the new characters, the possibilities of Luffy, and we learned about the wide world that we can travel with relative freedom. Everything painted well but, along the way, they must have confused us into mere errands. That is, after this first contact, in which even history manages to catch, we began to get lost in anodyne missions that forced us to go from here to there to talk to such a character, pick up a certain object or kick the ass of the bad guys on duty. Insubstantial missions that made us lose, little by little, the thread of the interesting main narrative. In this way, to get to the end of the nearly 20 hours that can last the history tells us One Piece: World Seeker had to overcome countless missions without any substance, to fight against the boredom in the pursuit of discovering what we afforded the narrative.

It is a pity that, after such a promising start, programmers seem to run out of imagination with almost endless series of uninteresting missions. This is further supported by the fact that the cut-off scenes feature dubbing, but the ‘normal’ conversations with NPC have only the over-printed dialogues on the screen, along with some onomatopoeia of the participants in that conversation. In this way, the interest in the ‘day to day’ of One Piece: World Seeker will decline gradually. This game is extensively reviewed at, we got a lot of information from their reviews and analysis of this game. And if we add to this that missions that try to be different sometimes get more muddy, the curl is already laughing. We’ve had to go around the island talking to all the NPC, look for a chest with a badly drawn map as a reference and several versions of poorly designed missions that end up being boring. Even the stealth variant is not well implemented, as there are no specific movements of this part, being gross and, in many cases, unnecessary.

endless series of uninteresting missions

This would be solved if the combat system were interesting, but the truth is that it ends up being excessively repetitive. In the end, we will spend most of the situations and confrontations simply by crushing the attack button, without worrying too much about who is in front of us. There are a couple of variants that make things harder for us, but it’s usually as simple as crushing the button with a little skill… Which is a shame, because Luffy improves his skills and wide possibilities throughout the campaign thanks to the experience points-yes, as it could not be otherwise, there is a role in play-and we even have at our disposal two different Haki styles (fast and elusive, strong and defensive). However, we do not really feel that we need this improvement and expanded possibilities because, in general, it is a fairly easy game (from now on we recommend you to raise your difficulty at least to difficult so that it is not a military ride).

To all of this we must add that part of the interest of the one Piece license is wasted in this World Seeker

Being completely focused on Luffy and leaving the rest of his companions in a completely secondary and expendable role. We will find them during the adventure as salesmen, commissioning missions or simply be there to chat, but the story of the treasure hunt on prison island seems not to go with them, contrary to what usually happens in this series, much more choral than the game. At least everything we are told makes sense and is, to the greatest extent, the main motivation to continue playing and exploring the location we need to go through.

This isn’t because it’s poorly designed or uninteresting, no. The island that serves as a stage is varied, has a more than acceptable size and is very entertaining to travel, although it would not have been more vertical when it came to allowing us to face the ledges, and a touch more of versatility on the part of our protagonist when moving from one side to the other. Fortunately, there are multiple fast travel points that allow us to go from one place to another already visited if we don’t feel like crossing each of the included locations (or if the errand bus alienates us in excess and we want to finish the most insubstantial missions as soon as possible).

Japanese-style dubbing

In technical terms Ganbarion’s work can be said to be at a good level. The visual finish of the main characters is very good (of the secondary ones not so much), the scenarios are interesting, the image moves to the most wonderful, let’s fight with whoever we fight and who is on the screen, and even, there are moments of extreme beauty. This contrasts with improved facial animations, for example, although the result is good. Something similar happens with the sound, which is also at a good level because of its original soundtrack, which features 56 unique tracks, and a Japanese-style dubbing with the original actors of the series, and which also borders on a high level.

That is to say, One Piece’s problem: World Seeker does not come from the end of the game, but from its approach and the inventiveness of the development team to keep us engaged in adventure for a couple of tens of hours. There are too many insubstantial moments and forgotten missions to keep us hooked, especially considering that the combat system doesn’t just work as well as it should, which leaves another point of Variety that ends up making this title something that only the most fans of the license will play to the end, while everyone else will probably stand in the way. A shame that the path of the Straw Hat Pirates has ended up twisting in its path to offer us a game equal to One Piece.


One Piece: World Seeker puts us in a new world and a new story for Luffy and company, this being the best work of Ganbarion (his world and history). Unfortunately, beyond this, the title presents different problems that end up tarnishing experience, with irrelevant and repetitive missions and an anodyne combat system that makes it difficult to enjoy the function as we would like. It has good things, yes, but in the end it becomes very hard to keep interest for about 20 hours that this game can last.

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As we highlighted a few days ago, Mortal Kombat 11 will have fatalities and brutalities very gore and spectacular . It is one of the most important aspects of this video game, and its makers, through the creative director Ed Boon , have confirmed that in this sequel the stacks have been put to make them more complex and spectacular.

Each Fatality is unique and the fruit of hard work

As Boon explained to Noclip – you have the video in the news – each Fatality is the fruit of a laborious conceptualization . To extract the maximum level of gore and spectacularity and coherence within the game, each movement is thought, developed and tried to fit in with the rest of the game. As a general rule, it is Boon himself who comes up with the movement and, once the rest of the team sees him, everyone begins to understand the tone and tone of his own, developing that idea.

As the director stresses, it is a process that takes months and numerous meetings in which everyone presents their idea of Fatality for the game, and then everyone else debates and votes. That is to say, although Boon plays a fundamental role, the whole team participates, votes, debates and presents their own ideas . In addition, although in Mortal Kombat 11 the level of gore and violence is still brutal, it is not about being unpleasant. NetherRealm seeks to be spectacular, add graphic effects that demonstrate the technology and present elements that help to understand the tone of the game or the sequel in question.

“As stressed by the director, it is a process that takes months and numerous meetings in which everyone presents their idea”

In Mortal Kombat 11 will continue right after the victory of Raiden on evil Ancient God Shinnok, a fact that has provoked the wrath of Kronika, the new villain. We remind you that the game arrives in Europe on April 23 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One , but Switch players will have to wait a couple of weeks, until May 10.

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Two videos collect all known fatalities and brutalities

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Netherrealm Studios have shown today details the story mode of Mortal Kombat 11 , one of the most important aspects of this game. But what would become of Mortal Kombat without its fatalities and brutalities? From IGN they have wanted to compile them in two videos.

As we can see in the compilation, the graphics have managed to reach a level of realism in the quite impressive animations, allowing us to enjoy some very original Fatality , others extremely violent and absurd and several that would make the gore madness of Peter Jackson in Braindead pale with envy.

“There are several Fatalities that would make the gore follies of Peter Jackson pale in envy in Braindead”

Action Game

Yesterday we launched the first part of the Metro guide: Exodus talking about the best weapons, their best use according to the situation, the best weapons customizations and how to keep them clean as long as possible. Today, in this second part of the Metro guide: Exodus , we have to talk about how the game works, different strategies to sacrifice the best possible match and some survival and stealth tips.

General advice

Before starting to play, Metro: Exodus offers the possibility to choose between five levels of difficulty as we want to enjoy the story without complications, we are novices in the shooters, we want a major challenge, a complicated mode of survival or go on the suicide plan lifetime. We choose what we choose the game will remain broadly the same, so it will be important to think before acting as easy as we have put things , giving priority to stealth and non-lethality over bloody barbarism if we want everything go well and the thing comes to fruition.

To be clear, Metro: Exodus offers several endings and tests our ethics and morality by posing different situations throughout the game with very different protagonists. Taking advantage of Artyon’s mentality and how previous events have shaped his system of principles and beliefs, in certain moments we will be allowed to act in different ways without warning us beyond some clues that should help us to act correctly to obtain, as I say without knowing it, different benefits in the form of access to new tools, characters that survive and ‘the good end ‘ This does not mean that we should go from Gandhi for life, there will be plenty of reasons to make the old USSR an even more depopulated place, but we should think and think about the best course of action if we want to enjoy the game and its possibilities more.

Stealth Tips

That said, many times it will be better to use stealth and non-lethality to achieve our interests , infiltrate certain bastions or meet certain objectives. For this, Metro: Exodus returns to its classic system with some clues that for neophytes may not be so clear. Here are these tips:

1.- Travel by day, attack at night 

At night there are more monsters, yes, but looters and other bad humans are usually sleeping with a couple of guards watching. They also carry a light on the helmet that gives them away, so it is interesting to travel by day through the open locations and wait for the night in a nearby refuge before entering an enemy fort or barracks.

2.- Move in the shadows 

All or almost all the light sources of Metro: Exodus are extinguished, either manually one by one, sabotaging the electricity generators or with an accurate silenced shot or throwing knife in the case of the highest bulbs. Turn off all the lights you can and do not ever get away from the shadows, especially when you’re going to knock or execute someone.

3.- Take advantage of Artyon’s watch 

In its eagerness to make Metro a saga with the elements of information inserted naturally in the game, 4A Games invented the watch of Artyon, a tool that includes a crystal that shines if we are in the light or remains dark if we are in the shades. When we squat, the clock is on the screen, so it is easy to keep an eye on it as we move. Later, we can even give our watch a very useful motion sensor to discover enemies.

4.- Eliminate only when it is safe 

Metro: Exodus makes every drop, even non-lethal, necessary to obtain resources, especially at the most difficult levels. Therefore, kill your enemies even if it is not necessary to get your team, but beware, only when it is safe. Try to start with the laggards and go forward towards those closest to your goal, being careful with the traps.

5.- Create distractions 

When you are not sure if there are enemies between you and your target, look for a good dark place and throw a can, shoot the wall with the silencer or, if you want to attract all the enemies to have them in view, throw an explosive away. This will start looking for you complicating things, but it will help you to move them away from the target area.

6.- If they see you, run 

If at the end you see a guard, run away and hide again. He will continue to look for you without stopping, but he gives you a chance to attack him from the back in a non-lethal way or even to reach your goal, managing to pass that area.

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Survival tips

Metro: Exodus will make things very difficult for you, so it is interesting that you have the equipment up to date and obtain all possible help in the form of improvements, weapon parts, weapons and resources with which to build kits, filters for the anti-mask -Gas, ammunition and throwing objects.

1.- Keep your equipment up to date 

Every time you visit a work table to clean your weapons, repair your anti-gas mask and create ammunition and throwing objects. The weapons can be customized on the battlefield, but it is always good to leave everything ready and limit the changes ‘in situ’ to the minimum.

2.- Do not lose your life 

The kits and filters of the mask can be synthesized anywhere, but it is good that we always go full before we start to explore keeping a minimum of 4 first aid kits and five minutes of filter. Remember to replace after use once you are safe after combat or outside the radioactive area.

3.- Explore 

Some open scenarios may seem too cumbersome and huge, but they have great advantages in the form of night vision goggles, better weapons, improvements to equipment such as increased load or more resistant masks and a good handful of stories that It is worth living firsthand. It is worthwhile to squeeze the scenarios to the maximum to improve our chances in the future.

4. – Pass the bugs 

The mutants do not make us level up, do not have inventory items or are edible, so it is not worth entering into combat with them while we have other options. Surround them, ski them and use stealth unless you need to kill them to explore a location, otherwise it will only make you spend ammunition and medicine cabinets.

5.- Talk to yours 

Or rather, listen to them: many of your classmates have special requests that open interesting lines of dialogue and scenes that deserve to be seen, others will give you clues of locations and sometimes they will let you know that certain behaviors can be good for the group. Drink with them, smoke with them, spend quality time and learn to enjoy their company. It will be worth it for sure.

6.- Think before acting 

A boat may be the best way to cross a lake, but it may also be the best way to end up in the belly of a mutant catfish. Observe the environment before deciding which route to take and think before pulling the trigger: that lonely mutant could actually be accompanied by dozens of his hidden in the bushes.

7.- Use the binoculars 

The binoculars are used to detect locations, yes, but also to know what we will find in them once we get to their surroundings. Some sites are worth exploring, others, not so much. Learn to differentiate them at a prudent distance from the primes.

8.- Relax the trigger finger 

Not all the inhabitants of the former USSR are potential threats. Some are slaves, others are survivors and there is still someone who will help us with clues, objects and even joining our struggle. Look before shooting and, if you see there is no threat, lower the weapon before talking to them if you want to make a good impression.

9.- Take advantage of what has been learned

Metro: Exodus maintains much of the elements of novels and previous books, which can help us survive by remembering what we have learned. If you have not played the previous ones or read the books, there goes the best advice: do it when you can. It is not necessary that it be before, it can be later, you will discover a frankly interesting saga.

Finally … Enjoy . We have taken a long time to get our hands on this long awaited sequel to the Metro saga , and the thing has been for the better. Play at your own pace, do not hurry to finish and enjoy every note found and every cassette tape . Subway: Exodus is a caramelito that is enjoyed without hurry, only this way you will be able to remove all the game that it has.


Two consoles that marked the 2010s of their footprints, while Nintendo intends to surf on its success with the Switch, the small 3DS beginning to bow after an unexpected longevity since its launch in 2011. The year 2019 should be marked by the potential announcement of new generation consoles.

A PS5 at Sony or a new Xbox at Microsoft are being considered by market analysts. However, it is the Cloud Gaming that interests this industry. The ability to play any type of screen through powerful computers on servers is of interest to all industry giants, including Google, but also to the French start-up Shadow, which already offers a quality service based on this technology .

At the same time, virtual reality experiences will offer an even more immersive approach for users, but these will be reserved for theaters and theme parks that are growing in popularity around the world, while the VR struggle to democratize. Finally, smartphones , become the spearhead of many mobile games, could upset the deal, thanks to ever more powerful models.

After the avalanche of titles particularly cured in 2018 like Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War, the year 2019 is also highly anticipated gamers. Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Anthem, Kingdom Hearts 3 or a new RPG Pokémon should be widely talked about, although postponements to 2020 are not to deviate for some titles.

The following list presents the 10 most anticipated games, ranked according to their release date.



Première grosse prodution à ouvrir le bal annuel du secteur vidéoludique, Resident Evil 2 s’offre un remake de haut vol. Nous avons pu jouer en avant-première à ce nouveau titre, tiré de ce qui fut l’un des épisodes les plus angoissants de la saga qui popularisa le genre survival-horror sur consoles. On replonge dans la ville Racoon City, infestée de zombies, et en proie aux expérimentations hasardeuses de l’Umbrella Corporation. Capcom a ici entièrement revu le gameplay du jeu initial sorti en 1998 sur PlayStation. La caméra se place derrière l’épaule des différents personnages jouables et offre une immersion plus réaliste et terrifiante dans cette aventure. Le jeu recèle déjà la plupart des arguments imparables pour devenir l’un des premiers hits de l’année, tout comme le fut Resident Evil 7 en 2017.

Date de sortie : 25 janvier 2019, sur PS4, Xbox One et PC.



Attendu depuis près de 10 ans, le troisième opus canonique de la saga Kingdom Hearts s’annonce grandiose. Square Enix revisite à sa sauce les grands classiques de Disney, afin d’offrir un jeu de rôle haut en couleurs. La Reine des Neiges, Raiponce, Pirates de Caraïbes, mais aussi les Pixar : Toy Story ou encore Monstres & Cie proposeront de vivre de nouvelles aventures, aux côté de Donald, Dingo et Mickey.

Date de sortie : 29 janvier 2019, sur PS4 et Xbox One.



Son Goku, Ryo Saeba (alias Nicky Larson en France), Luffy, Naruto ou encore Seiya… Jump Force promet d’être le cross-over ultime pour les fans de mangas. Bandai-Namco réunit ici les principales héros et héroïnes des licences nippones éditées par le magazine Shonen Jump pour un jeu de baston royal. De quoi enfin trancher, afin de savoir qui des super guerriers de Dragon Ball, des fins pirates de One Piece ou des super-héros de My Hero Academia sont les plus forts.

Date de sortie : 15 février 2019, sur PS4, Xbox One et PC.



Attendu depuis 2014 lors de son annonce officielle par Microsoft, Crackdown 3 est une exclusivité du catalogue Xbox One et PC Windows 10 pour l’année 2019. Son développement chaotique a fait craindre le pire à la presse spécialisée, pour un titre qui devait sortir initialement fin 2017. Reste que ce GTA-Like du futur s’annonce amusant et pourrait, qui sait, créer la surprise.

Date de sortie : 15 février 2019, sur Xbox One et PC.

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S’appuyant sur la série de romans post-apocalyptiques à succès Metro, de Dmitri Gloukhovski, et deux premières adaptations en jeux vidéo particulièrement soignées, Metro Exodus revient dans l’enfer russe déjà décrit. Comme son nom l’indique, ce nouveau volet devrait être centré sur un long voyage des survivants de l’hiver nucléaire. Mauvaise nouvelle, les mutants seront toujours au rendez-vous pour assurer de longues soirées d’angoisse. Impressionnant techniquement, ce Metro Exodus pourrait prétendre à devenir l’un des meilleurs jeux de l’année, si son scénario suit.

Date de sortie : 15 février 2019, sur PS4, Xbox One et PC.



Après l’échec commercial de Mass Effect Andromeda, le studio Bioware joue son avenir sur les ventes de Anthem. Blockbuster bourré d’adrénaline, ce jeu d’action invite à se glisser dans la peau de mechas-exosquelettes pour en découdre aussi bien sur la terre ferme, que sous l’eau ou dans les airs. Le tout dans un monde ouvert d’une beauté fulgurante. Pensé principalement pour le mulitjoueur en ligne, Anthem a toutes les armes en main pour devenir l’un des piliers vidéoludiques de l’année.

Date de sortie : 22 février 2019, sur PS4, Xbox One et PC.


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Après Resident Evil 2, l’éditeur japonais Capcom remettra le couvert avec Devil May Cry 5. Ce dernier promet de reprendre le flambeau de cette saga qui avait redéfini les jeux d’action dès la sortie du 1er volet, en 2001. Nero, Dante et un mystérieux héros repartent chasser du démon dans un jeu stylé, porté par une direction artistique inspirée.

Date de sortie : 8 mars 2019, sur PS4, Xbox One et PC.


Le succès de The Division, sorti en 2016, a conforté Ubisoft dans l’idée d’en faire une franchise. Là encore l’aspect post-apocalyptique du précédent opus est repris, l’objectif étant ici de sauver la ville de Washington DC sous peine de voir les Etats-Unis s’effondrer. Coopération et sens de la tactique seront toujours au cœur du gameplay de ce titre multijoueur qui devrait reprendre le drapeau de manière intéressante.

Date de sortie : 15 mars 2019, sur PS4, Xbox One et PC.



From Software était sorti d’un relatif anonymat grâce à la trilogie Dark Souls, chef d’œuvre et succès plus populaire que prévu. Activision s’est donc associé au studio japonais pour produire un nouveau titre d’envergure : Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Un jeu mêlant action et infiltration au cœur d’un Japon médiéval-fantastique, peuplé par les samourais, les ninjas et les démons. Graphiquement superbe, Sekiro brille aussi par un gameplay qui s’annonce très varié.

Date de sortie : 22 mars 2019, sur PS4, Xbox One et PC.



Devenu un personnage incontournable de l’univers Nintendo, Yoshi a profité, depuis Yoshi’s Island sur Super Nintendo (1995), de sa propre série de jeux de plates-formes. Sous-titré Crafted World, ce nouvel opus marque l’arrivée de ses aventures sur Switch. Entièrement pensé dans un monde en carton et en papier, ce nouveau volet devrait ravir petits et grands, grâce à un gameplay malin porté par un univers graphique mignon.

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